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Lead Better - Skills for software team leads, Course next week in Oslo

I'll be doing my "Lead Better" course in Oslo next week. There are 3 places left if you want to join us. 

If you've ever tried to convince your team to do unit testing or TDD, but failed miserably at getting them to do it. If you think "no way can my team ever be like those highly productive teams I read about", or even if you're just scared enough and not sure what to do next - this course can help you wrap your head around your job as a team leader in software.

If you're about to become a team lead, or have just become one, or even if you're an experienced team lead, this course can help master the things no one guides you about: how to drive people, to make a difference, to motivate, and influence the direction and behavior of the people around you.



Elastic Leadership 


  • Elastic leadership is about team context. It is about understanding that you need to lead the team differently, based on which phase you discover the team is in. The phases  can change from day to day or week to week. You keep adapting to the new phase, or you will  keep them from growing.
  • Elastic Leadership is about team transformation.  You continually drive and transform the team to get better than they are, up to the next phase. From chaos to learning. From learning to self-leading.
  • Elastic leadership is personal transformation. You may find it easy to be a command and control leader, but you'll need to learn how to teach and delegate when the team starts out it's learning  phase. In the self leading phase, you'll need to to let go of actually telling people what to do, and only change their surrounding constraints - are you ready for that? can you go a whole day without telling anyone in the team what to do?
  • Elastic leadership is personally scary. you are afraid of losing your friends, you are afraid to fail, and you are afraid of getting out of your own comfort zone to accomplish the various types of leadership for each team phase. 
  • Elastic leadership is highly effective because it looks the current situation straight in the eye, and does something to improve it. Because you assume things change constantly, you are prepared to also change things constantly, and change based upon any needs the team has as they arrive. you do not close your eyes in the face of hardship. instead you embrace it as a learning opportunity.



Slides: Team Leadership In the Age of Agile

Here are the slides I've used during my latest talk at QCON london 2011 :

In this talk I explore the three maturity stages of a software team, and how a team leader can adjust their leadership type based on the current phase the team is in. I also explore common mistakes and techniques team leaders can take to make sure their team gets on the road to craftsmanship and maturity in software development.

 Some of the topics covered include stuff I've written about before:





What are you going to do about it?

A couple of Days ago I finished the first “Lead Better” course for software team leaders in Oslo. It was the first time I had done this course out of Israel.

It was a great feeling to get the following email today from Michal, one of the participants of that course. In the email he also refers to an Integrity and commitment based technique I wrote about before, and that we covered deeply during the course.


Hi Roy,
I participated in the course “Lead better” 2 days ago in Oslo.
I committed to you that I would ask at least one time the magical phrase “What are you gonna do about it” to my teammates and let you know about results.
It happened sooner than I would expect. More, the problem was solved very quickly.
On a standup meeting one of my teammates said:
-          “we need to test the new configuration somehow”.

-          So I immediately asked “What are you gonna do about it?”

-          ... seconds of consternation... “eeehhhmmmm, I will figure out something”

-          “By When?”

-          “Today, an hour after scrum meeting, I will reconfigure the platform and let you know about the results.”

-          “Great” :)

And it worked! In an hour I got him with a rest of a team discussing details and in another hour, the platform was reconfigured and fully tested! It would never happen so fast if he had not commited to do so :)
Michał Wikliński


3 Quotes about Leadership we should listen to

Some inspiring words from twitterverse today:

@WilnaMurphy: You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. - Christopher Columbus.

@leadershipcoach: "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." ~Henry Ford

@aycangulez: "There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all." - Peter Drucker