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I'd like you and your experience to be part of my book "Notes to a software team leader"


Is there something important that you've always wanted to tell a team leader at some place you've worked at?

Maybe you're an experienced team leader who's learned some hard lessons the hard way, and you want the next team leader after you to learn from your mistakes.

Perhaps you're a team member and there's something you'd like future team leaders to do, or NOT do? This is your chance to tell them what team members would love to see or hate to see in their team leader.

You might be a project manager who'd love to give some advice for a team leader that you'll be working with.

If you are - give me a few paragraphs or even more of good advice you wish someone had given you when you were starting out, or team leaders you know should know. If your advice rocks, I'll use it with full credit to you (and a link to your site or blog of course)

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